We Have Reopened Safely

We Have Reopened with These Covid – Virus Safety Protocols in Place
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As City of San Antonio guidelines may change, this page will be updated for our members and rentals.


  1. Masks are required.
  2. No-contact hand sanitizers are placed throughout the building but bringing personal hand-sanitizing gels are encouraged.
  3. Indoor or outdoor capacity is 50 people at a time in either of the two rooms, including a Garden Center staff attendant. Outdoor capacity is 10 people per City guidelines.
  4. Groups using Garden Center are responsible for collecting advance reservations and/or registrations in advance, and not exceeding 50-person capacity.
  5. For events that are sponsored by San Antonio Garden Center, we ask that you make your attendance reservation on our website at:
  6. Set-up of tables and chairs will be based on your planned attendance.  Chairs will be socially distanced.  If 6-foot tables are used:  one person per table, or two people with one at each end.
  7. Groups wishing to meet outside in the courtyard or on the front plaza should ask attendees to bring their own chairs. (Currently limited to 10 people)
  8. Event / meeting check-in should be done by one person at the front who will also be responsible for ensuring 50-person attendance capacity.


  1. Currently, open and pot-luck food buffets are not permitted.
  2. Food and beverages must be served by a certified food handler, such as a caterer.
  3. Box lunches from food stores, delis and restaurants may be distributed.
  4. Otherwise, attendees should bring their own beverages and snacks.


More Information:
SAGC Event Coordinator Rhonda Banuelos
(210) 824-9981